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Unique pieces spotted with an eagle eye!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Meet Lynn Keating Moreau, Scavenger, Eagle Eye, and Upholstery Wiz. Why do we call her Ms. Eagle Eye? Because she can spot that perfect piece of furniture or an item that's just crying out to be refurbished, recycled, or upcycled at a hundred yards!

Many many times we've seen Lynn walk into an auction preview or estate sale with dozens of items on display and zoom right in on one that's perfect for our customers -- in the furthest faraway corner of the room!

With her keen eye and discernment, Lynn's found many of our most unique, one-of-a-kind "Refurbiture Design"™ treasures that our buyers now cherish showing off in their homes or businesses, from desktop knick-knacks to large pieces of furniture.

Once a new piece is acquired for Nug & Bug, Lynn collaborates with Mary and Paul to turn it into something seriously special. Maybe Mary paints it. Maybe Paul refinishes or rebuilds it. Whatever happens to it, it has to meet the standards of all three partners -- and, or course, our valued customers!

To see examples of items Lynn has found in the past as well as several that are for sale in our store right now, go to

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