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All About the Store

What We Offer

Nug and Bug Antiques and Collectibles™ is located in The Shops at Marlborough Barn in Marlborough, CT.  The Shops are staffed every week Tuesday-Saturday 11-5 and Sunday 11-4.  We invite you to come peruse the wide variety of ever-changing home decor items and accessories we have available for purchase there.

We specialize in reclaiming, refurbishing, restoring, repairing and redesigning antique and vintage treasures we find at auctions, estate sales, flea markets, yard sales, or the homes of friends, neighbors and former customers. We have a unique branded line of Refurbiture Designs™ you won't find anywhere else!

If you see something you'd like us to hold for you on the For Sale Now page of this site, on our Blog, on our Social Media platforms, or in an ad somewhere, please let us know on the Contact Us page.  

Our Signature Specialty

Our brand trademark is "Refurbiture Design"™ - finding something old and giving it a new life.  Reclaiming, repairing, and recycling antiques and vintage goods that have seen a better day and giving them a new coat of paint, a new look, or an upcycled twist before offering them in the store for you.  We find 'em, we fix 'em, and we sell 'em to you. You'll find both furnishings and accessories for your home or business that are unique, one-of-a-kind items none of your neighbors have seen before and will never appear at anyone else's shop.  

Our Story

Nug & Bug was launched in a 250-year-old dairy barn on a picturesque farm in Granby, CT, then-home of Owner/Partner Mary Daly.  When Mary moved in 2016, so did the shop -- to the charming and rustic Shops at Marlborough Barn in Marlborough CT, where you can find everything we currently have for sale plus the wares of at least 70 other outstanding vendors of antique and collectible treasures.

Mary and her partners, Lynn and Paul Moreau, have been finding treasures wherever they can to repair, reclaim, refurbish, upcycle, or otherwise improve and render unique for discriminating customers who are looking for something unusual and standout to enhance their home or business decor.  Mary and Lynn are primarily responsible for finding and designing the furniture and accessories for sale at Nug & Bug, while Paul adds his invaluable experience and skill with power tools and woodworking.

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